sobre a iaaf

The Institute Afrânio Affonso Ferreira was born in December 2002, and had its cnpj approved in June of 2003, with its headquarters in Bahia. The Institute was created by the heirs of the so named Afranio Affonso Ferreira to whom the institute pays homage. 
The main idea of the Institute is to stimulate informal initiatives for the professional training of people in need. Geographically speaking the money and human resources of IAAF will be destined to be used in community projects in the Northeast of Brasil

Bahema Participações supports salaries of all IAAF staff. 

Its founders are:

Silvia Amoroso Lima Affonso Ferreira

Ana Maria Afonso Ferreira Bianchi

Carlos Eduardo Affonso Ferreira

Guilherme Affonso Ferreira

Monica Affonso Ferreira Mation

Silvia Maria Affonso Ferreira de Almeida Prado